All-Star Tournament Teams

Alexandria Little League proudly supports Little League's tournament tradition. Since 1947, in the summer months Little Leagues around the world select an All-Star team made up of players from its league. These All-Star teams compete in district, state, and regional tournaments, hoping to advance to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.

Each year, ALL charters All-Star teams in multiple divisions depending on numbers for each age group: 8-10 year olds, 9-11 year olds, Majors, Intermediate.  Depending on interest and ability, the league also may charter All-Star teams in the Juniors, and/or Seniors Divisions as well. And beginning in 2023, we are chartering our first softball team in the 8-10 age bracket.

All-Star teams are carefully selected and require an enormous commitment of time and energy from potential All-Star players and their families.

All-Star Commitment Information

The first step in the selection process for Alexandria Little League's All-Star teams is ensuring that eligible candidates and their families understand the required commitment and conduct to represent the league on one of its All-Star teams.

All-Star Tournament play is intensely competitive and requires dedication beyond the requirement of a regular Little League season. Consequently, only those players, managers, and coaches who desire to commit their time and effort will be considered.

To be considered, a player must:

  • Be available for all practices (usually five-six days a week; possibly some two-a-days) for two weeks prior to the games starting (late-June/early-July);
  • Be available without interruption from approximately June 16, 2023 to July 13, 2023 and beyond if the team advances out of the District 4 tournament (into August if the team advances);
  • Have met Little League minimum play requirements (unless medically excused in compliance with Little League rules and regulations);
  • Provide an original and copy of the player's birth certificate;
  • Provide three forms of proof the player resides in the league's boundaries (acceptable forms of proof described on the enclosure) or school verification within the league's boundaries.

Participation on an All-Star team is voluntary. But potential players and families must understand that there may be costs involved for travel beyond the District tournament and different mandatory/minimum play rules that govern All-Star Tournament play. If selected, the player's family will be required to agree to respect and accept all coaching decisions concerning line-ups and playing time without complaint.


All-Star Selection Process

The Alexandria Little League Board has adopted the following procedure for naming its All-Star teams each spring:

Preamble:  These rules are intended to supplement, and not replace, existing Little League rules on player and manager selection. All existing rules on player eligibility and the timing of player selection shall remain in place, as set forth in the Little League rulebook.

  1. The All-Star Committee (the “Committee”) shall be comprised of the League President and existing Board members.
  2. The Committee will put out a Call for Managers to all eligible Managers and Coaches of record.
  3. The Committee shall be responsible for conducting interviews and making recommendations to the League Board for the selection of managers to represent Alexandria Little League in officially sanctioned All-Star competition and to assist managers and the named All-Star manager in the selection of players to All-Star teams.
  4. Selection of All-Star managers: The League President and the Committee shall consider the following criteria when choosing an All-Star manager:
    Regular season performance;
    Ability to communicate with players and parents;
    Ability to develop players at a specific age group;
    Knowledge of baseball and Little League rules;
    Sportsmanship; and
    Cooperation with Alexandria Little League and its Board of Directors.
  5. Selection of All-Star players
    • ALL conducts a vote of all managers in each division.
    • Each manager votes for 7 players who are not on their team.
    • Each manager also recommends players from his/her team to be considered by the All-Star Manager.
    • The All-Star manager for each team considers the
      votes and recommendations, conducts their own scouting, and selects the players.
    • The Board and League president have final say in the selection of players should a situation occur that deems this necessary.
    • Whether or not a player is on a travel baseball team is irrelevant in this process and not a criteria the coaches look at when selecting their teams.
      • Division and All-Star managers shall consider the following criteria when choosing an All-Star player:
         Overall ability, in the current and past seasons;
         Regular season performance;
         Sportsmanship;
         Demonstration of a special skill that will assist the performance of the All-Star team in All-Star competition; and
         Availability for All-Star competition.


Mandatory / Minimum Play Rules

The rules governing All-Star tournament play are different than those that govern the Little League regular season. Starting 2023, Little League International has changed the mandatory play rules; all teams will follow a continuous batting order with no mandatory defensive play rules. This means every player who is at the start of a game and on the roster will be in the batting lineup for the entire game; however, they will
not be required to play defensively in the field. 

Alexandria Little League requires that any player being considered for selection to one of its All-Star teams understand these rules and agree to refrain from criticizing coaching decisions concerning line-ups or playing time.

Volunteer Agreement

Each all star family will be responsible for volunteering once for one of the following jobs at another ALL All-Star game hosted at Little Simpson Park - Field Prep, Pitch Counter, Announcer, Scorebook Keeper (paper, not Gamechanger), Scoreboard Operator, in addition to volunteering for shifts in the concession stand.

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