2023 Board of Directors

Voting Members
President – Sherry Reilly
Past-President – 
Vice President/Webmaster– John Harrington
Player Agent – Chris Joyner
Secretary/Safety Officer – Emily Schell Jones
Treasurer – Susan Hodges
Director of Baseball Operations – Jason Lumia
Head Umpire – Craig Lytle
All-Star Committee Chair – Ryan Ware
Outreach – Victor Prince 
YSAB Liaison - Chris Mackay
Softball Representative – Ben Matthews
Long Term Field Development – Tom Blackwood

Non-Voting Members
District 4 League Liaison – Amanda Greenwell
Treasurer in training – Courtney Greener
Webmaster in training – Bruce Sherman/Matt Persiani
Equipment Manager– Mike Coughlin
Player Development  (camps/clinics) – Paul Sass
Uniforms Coordinator – Ryan Harry
Coaches Clinic – Steve Sternberg 
Umpire Scheduler – Matt Skiba
Assessment Coordinator- Bill Sermons 
Assessment Coordinator in training - Chris Traci and Tom Hyde
AGC – Ashley Walker
AA Commissioner – Tom Lynch
AAA Commissioner – Paul Pisano
Minors Commissioner – Zak Baig
Majors Commissioner – Chip Bulger
Intermediate Commissioner – Jason Lumia
Juniors/Seniors Commissioner – Bruce Sherman
Softball Commissioner       AA/AAA- Jack Regler
Softball Commissioner  Majors/Juniors – Kris Ramsey
Co-Communications – Ali Whitley
Co-Communications – Richard Yates
AA/AAA Player Agent – Bruce Sherman
Minors Player Agent – Christopher Traci
Majors Player Agent  - Lyle Patashnick
Intermediate Player Agent – Paul Sass Vince Root 
Softball Player Agent - VACANT
Yearbook – VACANT

Sponsorship– Lee Dunn
Sponsorship in training – Shauna Root
Opening Day/Opening Ceremonies –Brendan O’Neil
Co-Opening Day/Opening Ceremonies – Laura Youngblood
Concessions – VACANT
Team Parent Coordinator – Danielle Robinson
Spring2Action -Nathalia Magri
Nationals Relationship/Tickets – Meghan Britt
All-Star Coordination – Brandy Reber
Gala Co-Chair and Gift Basket Coordinator – Erin Gallagher and friends
Merchandise – Elizabeth Todd
Local Rules Coordinator- Dave Funk
Outreach Communications – Tricia Holley

Board Meeting Minutes

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