All-Star Manager Application

The Alexandria Little League Manager Selection process is designed to be objective, fair and ensure the best possible individuals are selected to lead Alexandria Little League baseball and softball teams.


All managers and coaches in each division have the right to apply in writing for a managerial position of an All-Star team.

Those wishing to be considered for post season managerial positions must submit in writing, their intention to manage, to the All Star Committee prior to the deadline below and the team selection process. The letter must include the following information:

       ●  Team which the individual is applying to manage 

       ●  A brief description of the individual’s qualifications for managing a post season team and a  statement regarding an understanding of the time commitment necessary to take such a position


Managers shall be selected in the following manner for all post-season teams. After the application deadline, the all star committee will reach out to the applicants to arrange an interview. Once the manager selection has been made, all applicants will be notified and the Managers will be announced by May 6. The President/Board shall have the final approval of all post season managers 

APPLICATION DEADLINES: All Manager applications must be submitted by midnight of April 27, 2023 

EXPECTATIONS:  Time Commitment: Alexandria Little League expects All Star Manager applicants to understand the time commitment that it takes to manage a team. In addition to games, there are practices and paper work and phone calls and dealing with parents, along with a myriad of other issues that come up along the way. Please make sure that your personal and work schedule will allow you to take on that commitment.  Please review a copy of the Alexandria Little League Code of Conduct

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